Fausto & Stephanie

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FAUSTO CARPINO began dancing at the age of 6, and had his first contact with tango at age 16. Together with his sister and his partner, he soon opened Paladanze, the first Argentine tango school in Syracuse. Fausto has been teaching and dancing full-time since 2004. In addition to his successful dance career, he has DJed at important festivals, marathons and milongas in Europe, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Canada, and Argentina. From 2006 to 2012 he helped organize the Syracuse International Tango Festival. Fausto collaborated with Veronica Toumanova, Anna Solakius, and Maria Filali before partnering with Stephanie Fesneau.


Paris native STEPHANIE FESNEAU was active in dance and theater throughout her childhood. She discovered tango at the age of sixteen and soon began to teach in one of the most successful schools in Warsaw, Złota Milonga. In 2009 Stephanie returned to Paris, where she taught in one of the oldest schools and milongas of the city, Le Chantier. Two years later she moved to Florence, where she taught at the ‘Pablo’ school. In her short but intense tango career, Stephanie collaborated with several dancers in various schools in Warsaw, Paris, and Florence before partnering with Fausto Carpino.


Fausto and Stephanie have danced together as a couple since July 2011. After a period of intensive preparation, they began to teach at tango events; so far they have taught in more than 80 cities in 27 different countries. Their lessons focus on communicating with the partner in a comfortable way within the embrace, based on logic and natural movements. They believe that connection, musicality, and technique are the keys to fully appreciate the beauty of tango.

They are making their US debut at LOCA 2020.

*There will be six group classes (two regular size and four 'semi-private' group lessons) taught by Fausto & Stephanie. Please see the event schedule under "PLAN YOUR LOCA" tab for details.

**Limited number of private lessons with Fausto & Stephanie will be available. Please email locatangoproject@gmail.com for details and booking.