Crazy Menu




Chef locOH's take on the Indian classic cucumber salad with apples, ​chick peas, tomatoes, mint & lime (V/GF).

Vegetable Curry & Tandoori Chicken

Vegetable curry made with cauliflower, sweet potato, tomato, peas served alongside tender tandoori chicken & basmati rice (V/GF).​

"Aam Shrikhand"
Silky yogurt based dessert made with Indian spices, sweet mango, crunchy nuts & coconut (V/GF).

In-Milonga Snacks

"Kimbap" (Korean rice & vegetable roll), crudités/dips & fresh fruits (V/GF).

Survivors' Breakfast
Home-baked granola with nuts & dried fruits served with yogurt, milks, & array of toppings (V/GF).​​

Bagels, cream cheese, Jamboleo jams & peanut butter (V).
Miso Soup​

Made fresh with dashi broth, shiro miso, tofu & scallions (V/GF).

Korean classic rice bowl with Bulgogi beef, vegetables, fried egg & spicy Gochujang sauce over steamed rice (V/GF).

Frozen Mochi

Sweet glutinous rice cake filled​ with ice cream (GF).

In-Milonga Snacks

Gỏi cuốn (Vietnamese spring roll), boba tea, & fresh fruits (V/GF).


Ju​mbo Shrimp Cocktail

Steamed shelled shrimps with fresh made zesty cocktail sauce (GF).​

Summer Vegetable Salad​

Vibrant & refreshing medley of fresh vegetables & lettuce served with feta cheese & charred lime dressing (V/GF).​

"Surf and/or Turf"​

Steak Diane and herb roasted salmon​ with mashed potatoes, roasted fingerling potatoes & roasted asparagus (GF).

Baklava (V)

In-Milonga Snacks

Tteok (Assorted Korean rice cakes) & Sujeonggwa (Korean punch with dried persimmon, ginger, cinnamon, dates, & pine nuts) (V/GF).​​

Survivors' Breakfast

Quinoa Bowl & GF Pancakes (V/GF)


French toast, gravlax, bagels, eggs, bacon, potatoes, pasta salad, fruit salad & mimosa (V/GF).
In-Milonga Snacks

Chips, crudites & dips (V/GF).​


Backyard Charcoal Grill BBQ: Baby back ribs, roasted chicken, burger, hot dogs, salad, cornbread, rice pilaf, corn on the cob & grilled vegetables (V/GF).​​

Assorted fresh baked pies (V/GF).​

In-Milonga Snacks

Chacuterie & sweet platters (V/GF).


Survivors' Farewell Breakfast

Leftover Feast (V/GF)

*This menu is subject to change to compatible items without advance notice (please pay attention to the signs/labels at the event).

*In addition to the "In-Milonga Snacks", there will be a small selection of 'grab n go' snack items such as Kind bars, candies, nuts, dried fruits, whole fruits, etc. available for everyone.

*V/GF indicates Vegan & Gluten Free options. We will do our best to make alternative options available to accommodate the guests with food allergies & dietary restrictions. However, please understand that we may not be able to at times due to the high volume we will be serving.

*Please read the signs/labels before consuming any food at the event. Check with the chef in charge or manager on site if you have any questions regarding menu/food.