Orquesta Tipica Loca

directed by Maxfield Wollam-Fisher


The Orquesta Tipica Loca (OTL) made their debut in May of 2019 at "LOCA 26.219 TangOh Marathon with Flavor." The tipica brought together eight talented musicians from three different tango groups (Da Capo Tango, Cuarteto Tanguero, & Los Peores del Tango). Under the direction of Maxfield Wollam-Fisher (Cello), the septet (Ben Bogart/Brett Remley: bandoneon, Daniel Stein/Patricia Meyer: violin, Valerie Higgs/Winnie Cheung: piano, & Stratos Achlatis: vocal) brought a great energy playing popular scores with unique flavor. With addition of three more talented musicians (Amanda Ramey, Janice Lee, & Pablo Aslan), OTL is coming back to LOCA 2020 as nine-piece tipica to enchant us with much fuller sound.