Crazy Tickets

  • The first phase will open on November 23, 2019 ONLY to the previous attendees (2018 or/and 2019: in appreciation for your overwhelming support for the past two years). 80 passes will be reserved for this phase (All ineligible early registrations will be voided).

  • The second phase will open to everyone on January 4, 2020, for additional 120 passes.

  • The third and final phase will open to everyone on March 21, 2020 for the remaining 30 passes to accommodate last minute planners and those with difficulties making commitment until closer to the event date.

        ​*Limited number of Food Pass (80 passes), workshops, & private lessons with F&S available for each phase.

        *Register early to be included in the drawing to win free All Milonga Pass or Food Pass.

        *Most up-to-date information about the registration and all things LOCA can be found on Facebook event page.